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Fatmanur Erdogan

Founder & Director, IPPA Istanbul Positive Psychology Academy
Member, International Positive Psychology Association

M.A. Counseling Psychology (Canada, Yorkville University)
Certificate; Applied Positive Psychology (University of Pennsylvania)

Postgraduate; Marketing & E-commerce (U.S.A., University of California, Santa Barbara)
Postgraduate; Visual Communications (U.S.A., University of California, Santa Barbara)

B.A. Management (Turkey, Uludag University)

 entrepreneurial executive; author and speaker.

—  served as Chief Corporate Communications Officer for Fortune 500 companies, and as member of the executive board

— lead culture change & communications management initiatives during challenging Mergers & Acquisitions

— lead digital transformation initiatives on culture change & communications

— developed award-winning communications projects, introducing “firsts” in the markets

— designed and implemented well-being based sustainability and corporate branding strategies, executing initiatives globally, to foster thriving communities, social brands and workplaces

— built corporate communications departments from scratch

—worked in the USA, Singapore and Norway  for ten years, and traveled in over 50 countries. 

A bit personal…

I love swimming! I love being in or next to the water…it is like my life blood.

I was trained to be a ballerina since I was three, and I won a scholarship from the British ballet company.

I play the piano, not so well any more, but I have a good ear for music and am considered talented in sports and arts. 

I used to do technical drawings in black and white, and had a home studio for glass painting.

My dad is a great swimmer. He still swims every day on summer days. My mom is great in ceramic art, drawing and writing poems. They must have passed their genes on to me.

Here is my story, in case you are interested… 

>>I am happiest the most when I pack my suitcase to travel to far away places. Exploring people and their cultures, discovering the known and unknown, excites me. My highly curious personality has both been an advantage and a source of frustration throughout my life. 

>I am originally trained to be a ballerina. I had to give it up because I was too talented! I won a scholarship to study in the UK and dance at the British Ballet Company, and that kind of talent at an early age resulted in me having to give up my passion. My mom thought I was too young to leave my hometown and move to a different country… Perhaps, she was right, I was only 6 at the time. Who knows?

>>So, I embarked on a new career in business. Over the years, I’ve gained a reputation for my innovative approach to communication management practices; especially, in bringing about culture change in large and international organizations. That kind of creativeness almost always seem to come with a price, and that is probably why most people have little interest in pursuing their inner voice.

>I am known for developing counterintuitive corporate communications programs, designing strategy-based approaches to Digital Transformation initiatives, re-engineering the dynamics of Sustainable Growth in international companies, and driving big ideas across the business during and after Mergers & Acquisitions.

>>My work in these areas have been awarded nationally and internationally. And,  I truly appreciate the recognition, as I don’t take any of them for granted.

>>I’ve designed and have been promoting  well-being based business strategies since year 2000, to foster thriving communities, brands and workplaces. My work on well-being based corporate social branding strategy and initiatives have been implemented globally, across 90 countries.

>I spent ten years working around the world, including stints living in the USA, Singapore and Norway, and traveling over 50 countries. My experiences thought me that as humans we are more similar than we are different. In good ways and in bad ways. People who make a difference in the world, for example, have an innate desire and drive to change something that is dear to their heart.  

>Unlike many people, I choose to work in a multitude of industries and have served as Chief Corporate Communications Officer in sectors including FMCG, Finance, Petro-Chemical, Education, Pharma, Insurance, Pension, and White-Goods. This kind of diverse know-how is priceless… of course, given you have a highly curious personality with an interest to better understand the workings of the business world. 

>Many people in the corporate world have little interest in understanding where their talents lie. Even the so claimed ‘best of the best’ headhunters have no clue how to spot talent. Most are no different than corporate  dinosaurs

If you don’t know where your talents are, you tend to do jobs that don’t suit you; so you become unhappy, unsatisfied with life, and invisible in the business world, most of the time.

Upper management teams aren’t immune to this reality. Keeping your leadership position without a vision can be considered an irresponsible behavior. Such attitude toward business stifle creativity and positive progress in organizations; promoting an unhealthy relationship between work and life. No wonder the business world is going through a leadership crisis…

> After living and working abroad for ten years, upon my return, I launched Kariyer Yolculugu, Turkey’s first career and management blog. I launched it in an effort to voice the idiosyncrasy in the corporate world, advance business practices for the better and to give employees a different perspective. I don’t believe in a linear career as advocated by many professionals. To me, that is your ticket to an unhappy and unproductive work life. I must be right:) Only 13% of employees are engaged at work.  

>>I write frequently in management subjects, and my articles appear in many publications. My weekly columns in  Hurriyet Daily News on Entrepreneurship aimed to peak white collar employees’ interest in the subject so they could do better with their lives. Having an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial mind-set has benefits; such as the ability to go after your passions, the courage to persist in your  endeavors, and be willing to fail and fall flat on your face, to reach your goals. All of these happen when you have a strong internal locus of control.

>In 2013, Optimist publishing published my first book White-Collar Entrepreneur— The book is about the psychology of entre(intra)preneurship. You may listen to parts of the book, so take a peak!

>>I define entrepreneurship as a mindset and certain set of attitudes. Highly talented entrepreneurs exhibit behaviors that are markedly different from those of their peers. My book shows how to ignite the entrepreneur within to bring creativity in your work. It helps you discover the missing ingredients to a fulfilling work and life.

>In 2013, I founded IPPA Istanbul Positive Psychology Academy, a communications company providing strategy-based communications services, thematic seminars, and workshops. I use the principles of Positive Psychology, which is the scientific study of what enables individuals, companies and communities to thrive.




Advertising ADDY Awards from Ventura County, California;

Business Journal’s Young Entrepreneur Award, also known as the “40 Under 40”, California

Best User Experience Design and Content Management Award from Berlin we.connect,

Golden Compass Award for the Most Creative Social Media Campaign from Turkish Public Relations Association.

Golden Compass Award for Social Media Ambassadors Program, Corporate Communications Project, from Turkish Public Relations Association.