I am a communications expert and founder of IPPA Istanbul Positive Psychology Academy.

If you are a business executive looking for communications projects with a solid strategy, I design communications projects for you.

Three major areas where you may benefit from my services:

—Digital PR/Digital Communications/Digital Transformation
I design strategy based digital pr & communication plans for companies. These include culture change trainings, and integrating digital into the DNA of the organization and communications strategy

—Social Brand Construct /Sustainability Communications/CSR projects planning & campaign development
Social branding is not about social media or csr. Social Media is a communication channel!

My initiatives revolve around designing social brand strategy and project design based on “Quality of Life/Well-being” scale. We also provide trainings on “positive psychology” “social branding” and “well-being”.

—Corporate Brand/Employer Brand/Segmented Communications
Corporate brand & Corporate Communications is the most significant element in designing your corporate strategy. Why? Because everything else is commodity in today’s world.

Employer branding can not be separate from Corporate branding. It has to be a part of your corporate branding strategy.

I design marcom and corpcom projects; interactive channels, digital media, mobile technology, segmented positioning, brand & marketing communications.

My projects are highly creative and tend to be novel in their respected area. These projects make you shine within your organization, leverage your position, and help you land additional investments.

If you are a marketing/advertising/communications agency looking for strategic communications projects for your clients, I draw projects and presentations for you. Your client doesn’t have to know it’s me who designed the project, unless you want me to present it for you. I am skilled at making pitches to executive boards and am pretty good at influencing and getting their buy in.

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